The best brands of oriental perfumery

Explore the world of oriental perfumes through these extraordinary brands and indulge in a unique sensory journey through cultures and traditions that intertwine in a dance of unforgettable olfactory notes.

Oriental Dream Brands

Afnan 23 products

A symphony of olfactory notes that evoke Arab elegance and intrinsic passion. Afnan fragrances tell stories of adventure and love, immersing you in a world of exotic charm.

Al Haramain

Al Haramain 27 products

Al Harmain is an Arab perfume brand that stands out for the exclusive use of high quality ingredients, carefully selected from all over the world by the directors themselves. The company's perfumers work carefully to balance and enhance the nuances of each fragrance. The name "Al Harmain" is inspired by the two holiest mosques in the world, the Masjid Al-Haram and the Masjid Al-Nabawi, and the logo depicts the Maqam Ibrahim next to the Kaaba in the Masjid Al-Haram.

Ard Al Zaafaran

Ard Al Zaafaran 1 product

Welcome to the refined world of Ard Al Zaafaran, a prestigious brand of Arabic perfumes based in the United Arab Emirates.


Armaf 24 products

Let yourself be carried away by Armaf's creations, which capture the rich heritage of the Orient with a modern twist. Each perfume is an emotional journey, channeling luxury and individuality.

Fragrance World

Fragrance World 0 product

Fragrance World, the prestigious Arabian perfume brand based in Dubai, where the creation of fragrances is an alchemy that combines art and science, tradition and innovation.


Khadlaj 55 products

Khadlaj perfumes embody Emirates tradition, with a unique combination of local ingredients and global sophistication. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of perfumes that speak of the desert and Arab hospitality.


Lattafa 286 products

From the land of the Persian Gulf, Lattafa presents fragrances that celebrate the joy of living and generosity. Lattafa creations blend aromatic notes to create sensorial masterpieces.

Maison Alhambra

Maison Alhambra 165 products

The Maison Alhambra range of perfumes was created to offer high quality perfumes at an affordable price. They are produced by Lattafa Perfumes Industries.

Ministry of Oud

Ministry of Oud 7 products

Ministry of Oud: The quintessential olfactory luxury, Ministry of Oud offers perfumes that explore the depth and intensity of oud, a precious and mysterious ingredient loved throughout the Middle East.


Nylaa 39 products

Welcome to the fascinating world of Nylaa, the luxury Arabic perfume brand based in the United Arab Emirates. Nylaa embodies the art of oriental perfumery, combining tradition and innovation to create unique and enveloping fragrances. 

Paris Corner

Paris Corner 198 products

Established in the United Arab Emirates, Paris Corner is a pioneer in the perfume market with over three decades of experience. It offers a wide range of high quality oriental and western perfumes which are loved by customers all over the world.

Rue Broca

Rue Broca 14 products

Rue Broca perfumes tell stories of Parisian streets and fascinating adventures. A mix of romance and mystery that blends with the oriental essence, creating fragrances to remember.


Sawalef 1 product

Sawalef, born from the same creativity that defined Swiss Arabian, offers an exclusive range of perfumes that blend tradition and innovation. Each fragrance is a celebration of oriental riches, wrapped in modern elegance, perfect for those seeking a touch of luxury and mystery.

Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian 83 products

Swiss Arabian, excellence and quality in the production of unique perfumes, a meeting between East and West, the proud celebration of two worlds so distinct that they come together and merge giving life to something unique.

Theodoros Kalotinis

Theodoros Kalotinis 25 products

An olfactory journey from the Orient to Hellas, the fragrances of Theodoros Kalotinis capture the magic of ancient Greece and blend it with the depth of oriental perfumes.


Zimaya 4 products