Our selection of perfumes to pack

Our selection of perfumes to pack

Here we go, it's almost time to pack your suitcase, switch off and enjoy some healthy relaxation, at this point the question that paralyzes all perfume enthusiasts like us, and which will probably make your nights sleepless is… What perfume do I wear ?

If you too, like us, keep looking at your bottles with a guilty look, thinking that wearing your favorite of the week would be a disservice to the comfort fragrance, or that focusing on something you haven't used for a while would be the most rational choice, unless you feel gripped by the fear that you will then miss that other perfume you left at home, think outside the box... buy new fragrances to try on vacation, so you don't have to decide, and indeed have the excuse for a new purchase because you know , perfumes for us enthusiasts are never enough!

Here's a little spoiler of what we at the OrientalDream team will bring on vacation:

Luca loves strong perfumes, powerful wakes, and summer and winter seas, so his beauty will include:

-Khadlaj Stellar Oud Bergamot, Algae, Salt and Sea Breeze a boost of regenerating energy;

-Lattafa Pride Blue Sapphire a luxurious fragrance, crunchy Green Apple, very fragrant Mint, Patchouli Sage and Cedarwood, refreshing, but with style;

Giorgia loves Orientals, even for her summer and winter make no difference, without feeling that she is missing something, in her beauty to vary, but there won't be too much either:

-Al Haramain Maryam an oriental fragrance with a floral touch, Black Pepper and Saffron, with a floral heart of Magnolia, Marine Woods and Sandalwood, a base of Musk and Amber, a sensual oriental, but suitable for the warm period;

-Paris Corner Code Viola a sweet and captivating perfume with Honey, Musk, Patchouli and Woody Notes, juicy and very sweet, a delicious and unforgettable trail;

Manuel loves to experiment, and above all to vary according to the season, so for this summer he has chosen:

-Lattafa Opulent Musk Saffron, Orange, Musk Amber a clean and fresh fragrance, but also sweet and spicy, a cuddle after a nice cold shower;

-Afnan Supremacy Incense a decisive, powerful perfume that makes itself felt with a spicy and pungent opening, a warm earthy and leathery trail, refreshing like a summer storm;

Francesca loves Sweet, Gourmand and Vanilla perfumes, for this time she has chosen something a little different from her kind, but still in her style:

-Lattafa Pride Ishq Al Shuyukh Gold a sin of gluttony without calories, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Amber Musk and Vanilla, an unscrupulous sweetness for summer evenings;

-Paris Corner Double Black an unforgettable fragrance, Honey, Vanilla, Tobacco, Cherry, Almond, a multifaceted perfume;

Andrea, for him the watchword is leather, he is so passionate about it that he is obsessed with it and could he bring something different on holiday?? obviously not!

So in her beauty there will be:

-Swiss Arabian Hayaam a leathery and woody fragrance, with a citrus twist, impossible not to love a scented tattoo on your skin that marries perfectly with high temperatures, you will leave a refreshing trail behind you;

-Swiss Arabian Amaani is a concentrated perfume oil in a roll-on version, perfect to put everywhere to always have it at hand, spices, resins, incense and leather, explaining it is however belittling it, it is a must try;

Giuseppe is nostalgic, he is a lover of vintage fragrances, of the smells of shaving cream and pomade, that's why in the end he always chooses fougère perfumes, in his beauty he decided to bring:

-Swiss Arabian Primal Code a perfume for the instinctive man who does not fear the unexpected, an explosion of fresh and herbaceous notes, with a juicy and sweet heart of Melon, Pineapple and Sage, an ideal perfume for warm nights, in all the senses;

-Rue Broca Penthouse Ginza a very particular fragrance, but with character and distinctive, a citric opening, a heart of Laurel, Jasmine and Lavender, Amber and Patchouli in closing give life to a perfume with a thousand facets that evolves a lot on the skin.

And what will you put in your suitcase???

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